How to Measure the Partisanship of Every House Seat

by Bradley Wascher December 8, 2023 · 11:30 AM EST

What are the most evenly-divided House districts in the country? It’s not as easy as just looking at the past presidential results, considering down ballot races can have their own unique circumstances. That’s why Inside Elections created a metric to measure partisanship in each district.


Methodology: Inside Elections’ Baseline by Congressional District

by Bradley Wascher December 8, 2023 · 11:29 AM EST

To calculate Inside Elections’ Baseline, we include all contested partisan elections for federal and statewide offices (executive or constitutional) in the four most recent cycles, as well as any special or off-year elections during that span. The only district-based elections we consider are U.S.…

New York 3: Santos Expulsion Triggers Special Election

by Jacob Rubashkin December 7, 2023 · 6:00 PM EST

Embattled New York Republican George Santos was expelled from the House of Representatives last Friday in a 311-114 vote. The congressman’s ousting came just less than a year after reports first broke of Santos’ serial fabrications about his background; he is also facing federal campaign finance…

Podcast Episode 11: Santos Special Election, Nepo Babies Running in the House, GOP Presidential

December 7, 2023 · 2:28 PM EST

Nathan Gonzales, Jacob Rubashkin and Erin Covey discuss the upcoming special election in New York’s 3rd District after George Santos was expelled, talk about a the crop of Nepo Baby candidates running for the House with family connections, and look ahead to the GOP presidential primary with the…

Colorado 8: Toss-up Tussle

by Jacob Rubashkin December 1, 2023 · 2:30 PM EST

On a good night for Democrats across the country last November, Colorado stood out as a particularly bright spot. Nowhere was that more clear than in Colorado’s 8th District, a newly created seat outside Denver that both Republicans and Democrats anticipated would go Republican in the midterm…

Washington 6: Democrats Face a Fork in the Road

by Erin Covey December 1, 2023 · 2:29 PM EST

After serving in Congress for the past decade, Democratic Rep. Derek Kilmer is headed for the exits. The 49-year-old congressman spent much of his congressional career focused on attempting to make the institution more functional, and was a leader of the New Democrat Coalition, a caucus of more…

California 31: San Gabriel Showdown

by Jacob Rubashkin December 1, 2023 · 2:28 PM EST

At 86 years old, Grace Napolitano must have outlived some potential successors. But now the oldest member of the House of Representatives has decided to retire.

The San Gabriel Valley Democrat has served 13 terms in Congress, and has often sat at the top of retirement watch lists, especially after…

Texas 12 & 26: Pair of Bright Red Open Seats

by Erin Covey December 1, 2023 · 2:27 PM EST

Two longtime Republican members of Congress in North Texas are headed to the exits — Kay Granger, who represents Fort Worth and its western suburbs, and Michael Burgess, who represents the suburbs and exurbs north of Cowtown.

Granger, the dean of Texas’ 38-member congressional delegation, is one…

Report Shorts (Dec. 1, 2023)

by Erin Covey December 1, 2023 · 2:26 PM EST

Alaska’s At-Large District. Republican Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom announced her campaign against Democratic Rep. Mary Peltola. Republicans are optimistic that Dahlstrom can pull together various wings of the state Republican Party, but the race is complicated by Alaska’s ranked-choice voting system…