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Missouri Senate: Schmitt Raised $646,301 in Third Quarter

by Jacob Rubashkin October 11, 2021 · 8:20 PM EDT

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, one of the leading contenders to replace retiring Republican Roy Blunt in the U.S. Senate next year, raised $646,301 in the third fundraising quarter of this year. The Glendale Republican entered October with $1,114,774 in his campaign account, according to numbers obtained by Inside Elections.

2022 Senate Overview (October 8, 2021): Firewall on Fire

October 8, 2021 · 2:30 PM EDT

By Nathan L. Gonzales & Jacob Rubashkin

With an evenly divided Senate, control of the chamber has been at risk since the beginning of the cycle. But even though the initial 2022 battleground is evenly divided as well, President Joe Biden’s slumping job rating is fueling GOP hopes of regaining…

2022 Senate Overview (October 8, 2021): Hawaii - North Carolina

October 8, 2021 · 2:28 PM EDT

Hawaii. Brian Schatz (D) appointed 2012, elected 2014 (70%), 2016 (74%). June 7 filing deadline. Aug. 13 primary. Schatz has no announced challengers in the Democratic primary or the general election, was sitting on $3.6 million at the end of June, and gets to run in a state Biden won…

2022 Senate Overview (October 8, 2021): North Dakota - Wisconsin

October 8, 2021 · 2:27 PM EDT

North Dakota. John Hoeven (R) elected 2010 (76%), 2016 (78%). April 11 filing deadline. June 14 primary. In 2016, Hoeven won the largest Senate victory in state history with a 61-point thumping of Democratic-NPL nominee Eliot Glassheim. His only vulnerability would be in a primary, and he seems to be…

Missouri Senate: Show Me the Nominee

by Jacob Rubashkin September 23, 2021 · 2:30 PM EDT

Republicans need to gain just a single seat to regain the Senate majority, but they have limited takeover opportunities and can’t afford to lose any of their own seats because of self-inflicted problems. Missouri has the potential to become a flashpoint for the GOP next year, with major implications for…

The One Thing Biden Can’t Afford to Lose

by Nathan L. Gonzales September 17, 2021 · 11:48 AM EDT

The next presidential election is more than three years away, and even the midterms won’t happen for another 14 months. Yet President Joe Biden could be on the brink of losing something costly: the benefit of the doubt. 

While I’m on the record as skeptical that Afghanistan will be…

Nevada Senate: It Matters

by Jacob Rubashkin September 10, 2021 · 2:30 PM EDT

With the Senate divided 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, every seat up is a potential majority-maker in 2022, including Nevada

Both parties have four major targets on the Senate battlefield. For Democrats, those are Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Florida. For Republicans, those are Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire and Nevada.

RIP, Rally ’Round the Flag

by Nathan L. Gonzales September 9, 2021 · 8:45 AM EDT

Less than 12 hours after Flight 175 crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, close to 150 members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, stood together on the steps of the U.S. Capitol to sing “God Bless America.” Unfortunately, that act of bipartisanship…

How Afghanistan Will (and Won’t) Matter in 2022 Midterms

by Nathan L. Gonzales September 2, 2021 · 12:00 PM EDT

No, the 2022 midterm elections will not be about Afghanistan, but that doesn’t mean the situation won’t matter. 

While Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump contributed to the military morass, and there was close to bipartisan consensus that leaving Afghanistan was the right thing to do, there…

Stop Attacking Losing Candidates

by Nathan L. Gonzales August 11, 2021 · 9:02 AM EDT

It’s time to stop attacking candidates for losing a previous race. It’s just silly and ignores history. The partisan and glib attacks aren’t predictive of anything and ignore dozens of examples of candidates who lost before winning.

The latest example is in Iowa, where former Rep. Abby Finkenauer announced her…