The Russian Bounty Story is Not the Reset the Trump Campaign Needs

While President Donald Trump’s re-election is at its most precarious point yet, another hot issue is moving into the conversation which could delay or prevent him from regaining his footing. 

Trump has slipped significantly in the polls, both nationwide and in crucial swing states, against former vice president Joe Biden, and he suffered an embarrassing setback when a Tulsa, Okla. rally that was supposed to reignite the campaign drew a far smaller crowd than expected.

Contributing to the president’s decline are the coronavirus pandemic and the national reckoning on racism in the wake of the death of George Floyd while in police custody. The American public disapproves of Trump’s handling of both of those issues, according to recent polling, and largely believes that Biden would be more adept at addressing those twin challenges. 

After a brief period of positivity, views of Trump’s handling of coronavirus have stabilized at a disadvantage to the incumbent. According to a June 11-15 poll of registered voters by Quinnipiac Univ., 42 percent approved of the president’s handling of the issue compared to 56 percent who disapproved and 54 percent of voters who thought Biden would do better on the issue. Similarly New York Times/Siena (June 17-22) found 38 percent approved of Trump’s handling of coronavirus vs. 58 percent who disapproved, Gallup (May 28-June 4) found 42 percent approved/58 percent disapproved, and CNBC (June 19-22) found voters preferred Biden on…

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