Democrats Sinking or Swimming with Biden?

By Nathan L. Gonzales and Jacob Rubashkin

It only took 90 minutes on a debate stage for President Joe Biden to bring instability to an otherwise stable and competitive race. And the current focus on his age and ability has Democrats searching for direction in order to avoid a wipeout. While the election is technically more than three months away, this is a critical couple of weeks for the Democratic Party.

The race was not going well for Biden before the debate. National polls showing him deadlocked with former President Donald Trump understated Trump’s advantage in the Electoral College. Trump led in the swing states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) and was outperforming his 2020 margins in many battleground districts. But Biden was within striking distance.

Not only did Biden fumble the opportunity to change the trajectory of the race with the debate, he made it worse by failing to meet low expectations, and showed his age with his delivery and substance of his answers. While Biden hasn’t lost significant ground in the polls (at least not yet), he has lost the narrative, drawing attention to himself at a time when Democrats want voters to focus on Trump.

House and Senate Democrats are starting to realize that Biden’s problems could spill into their races and that he has a fundamental problem (he’s old) that can’t be easily fixed. Democrats are loyal to Biden but want to move on to a different nominee (even an imperfect one). But…

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