2018 House Overview: On the Eve of Reality

After over a year of conjecture, the 2018 midterm elections are about to get real. Once the Winter Olympics come to a close on Feb. 25, it’s just a little more than a week before the country’s first set of primaries. 

The March 6 Texas primaries will be a wake-up call for Democrats, who have enjoyed tremendous success in candidate recruitment and in fundraising, considering the cruel reality of elections is about to set in. Many of the most talked-about Democratic challengers won’t make it out of their primaries, and some nominees’ bursting bank accounts will be spent defeating people within their own party. 

You’d still rather be Democrats than Republicans this year. History is on Democrats’ side as the party out of the White House, and President Donald Trump’s job approval rating and the national generic ballot favor Democrats as well. Democrats could also receive a boost on March 13 if Democratic attorney Connor Lamb comes close to winning Pennsylvania’s 18th District. A victory would be a political earthquake considering Trump’s wide margin in 2016, Republicans are dramatically outspending Democrats, and GOP nominee Rick Saccone isn’t as flawed as Alabama’s Roy Moore.

Looking ahead to the fall, some of the best news for Democrats is the strength of their own seats. Incumbents such as Ami Bera of California,Tom O’Halleran of Arizona, and others would probably be toast in a midterm cycle if Hillary Clinton was president. But they all have at least a slight…

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