Gubernatorial Ratings

December 2, 2009 · 5:00 AM EST

At least a dozen governorships look like they’ll switch party hands next year when 37 states will elect a governor and at least 19 of the 37 up for election next year will be open seats. With victories in New Jersey and Virginia, Republicans now control 24 governorships compared to 26 for the Democrats heading into 2010.

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Here are our latest gubernatorial ratings.
# – Moved benefiting Democrats
* - Moved benefiting Republicans

Lean Takeover (6 R, 6 D)
Toss-Up (2 R, 4 D)
Narrow Advantage for Incumbent Party (2 R, 2 D)
Clear Advantage for Incumbent Party (3 R, 3 D)
Currently Safe (5 R, 4 D)