Rothenberg’s End of the Year Awards for 2014

Stuart Rothenberg December 3, 2014 · 3:29 PM EST

Well, we’ve made it through another strange political year — and let’s face it, they are all strange — so it’s time for me to devote another column to picking the best, the worst and the weirdest candidates, campaigns and outcomes of the year.

As always, I will select a few nominees and offer my own winner. If you don’t agree, feel free to send an email complaining to someone else. Just not me.

Biggest Surprise of 2014

The nominees:

My winner: UCONN, obviously.

The Worst Campaign of 2014

The nominees:

My winner: Udall.

Most Overrated

The nominees:

My winner: All deserving nominees, so it’s a seven-way tie.

Underrated for Too Long

The nominees:

My winner: Moulton, but I still can’t believe Grimm won comfortably.

Most “Memorable” Candidate Interview of the Cycle

The nominees:

My winner: There were no winners among this group, which ranged from hopefuls who were angry and bitter, to possibly delusional and silly and out of touch. But they were all memorable, certainly, and even entertaining, in a bizarre way.

Name I Misspelled or Mispronounced Most Often

The nominees:

My winner: It’s a three-way tie between Gardner, Hagan and E

Worst Analysis of the Cycle

The nominees:

My winner: Anything involving Twitter.

Isn’t It Time to Stop Running?

The nominees:

My winner: Yes, all of them.

Best Candidate of the Cycle

The nominees:

My winner: All quality candidates, but I’m picking Gardner.

Most Likely to be Sued, Indicted or Incarcerated Before Next Election Day

The nominees:

My winner: I assert my constitutional right against self-incrimination.