New Print Edition: Louisiana 6 & Pennsylvania 11

March 24, 2008 · 12:05 AM EDT

The March 21, 2008 print edition of the Rothenberg Political Report is on its way to subscribers. The print edition comes out every two weeks and the content is not available online. Subscribers get in-depth analysis of the most competitive races in the country, as well as quarterly House and Senate ratings, and coverage of the gubernatorial races nationwide. To subscribe, simply click on the Google checkout button on the website or send a check.

Here is a brief sample of what’s in this edition…

Louisiana 6: Democrats Geauxing for More

By Nathan L. Gonzales

Democrats aren’t waiting until November to expand their majority. Buoyed by a special election win in Illinois 14, Democrats are hoping to add Louisiana’s 6th District to their column in a May special election.

But first, both parties will have to sort through April runoffs to determine their nominees. State Reps. Don Cazayoux and Michael Jackson are running for the Democratic nomination, while former state Rep. Woody Jenkins and health care lobbyists Laurinda Calongne are vying for the GOP nomination.

Cazayoux and Jenkins are regarded as the initial frontrunners, but neither is a shoo-in. Jenkins is a local political icon to some but is widely regarded as a very polarizing figure. Cazayoux defines himself as a conservative Democrat, and privately shoulders the hopes of a Democratic takeover. The rest of the story is in the print edition of the Report.

Pennsylvania 11: Perfect Strangers

Congressional rematches are becoming commonplace, just not six years apart. Back in 2002, a young mayor named Lou Barletta (R) took on long-time Cong. Paul Kanjorski (D) in northeast Pennsylvania’s 11th District.

The GOP mayor lost that race, but subsequently raised his profile to national levels with anti-illegal immigration measures in his city. This year, Barletta is challenging the Democratic incumbent once again, but the contours of the contest look very different.

Barletta will have more money and more experience this time around, and the political environment has changed dramatically from the way it was immediately after September 11th. The nature of the district also favors Kanjorski, but the incumbent’s lack of experience in competitive races gives some Democrats pause. The rest of the story is in the print edition.