New Print Edition: Colorado 4 & Washington 8

July 14, 2009 · 9:00 AM EDT

The July 10, 2009 print edition of the Rothenberg Political Report is on its way to subscribers.

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Here is a brief preview of introduction to this edition:

Colorado 4: Since You’ve Been Gone
By Nathan L. Gonzales

After a couple cycles of frustration, Democrats finally ousted Republican Cong. Marilyn Musgrave last year. Now, they have the challenging task of keeping Colorado’s 4th District in their column.

Since her initial election in 2002, Musgrave’s reelection percentages steadily declined as she became more and more polarizing, continually under-performing the Republican nature of the district.

Last cycle, former Senate aide and small businesswoman Betsy Markey (D) ousted Musgrave fairly handily, with some help from a strong showing by Barack Obama (D) at the top of the ticket.

Now, there are a number of Republicans aiming for Markey, including state Rep. Cory Gardner, University of Colorado Regent Tom Lucero and Fort Collins City Councilman Diggs Brown.

The race is just getting started, but Markey will be a top Republican target next year. And Democrats will have to adjust to life after Musgrave and keep up Democratic excitement without her or Obama on the ballot. Subscribers get the whole story in the print edition of the Report.

Washington 8: Badge of Honor

By Nathan L. Gonzales

Republican Cong. Dave Reichert survived the Democratic wave of 2006. Two years later, he survived as well, and he out-did himself by improving his winning percentage while his party sunk further into the minority. Democrats are hoping that the third time will be the charm.

The competitive nature of Washington’s 8th District virtually guarantees that Reichert will be a target once again. He’s one of only six Republicans to represent districts that both John Kerry and Barack Obama won at the presidential level.

After defeating former Microsoft manager Darcy Burner (D) in two consecutive elections, Reichert is likely to face former Microsoft vice president Suzan DelBene (D). Democrats believe she’ll bring more stature and some personal money and will give Reichert his toughest race yet. Subscribers get the whole story in the print edition of the Report.