New Print Edition: AZ1 & Georgia 8 & 12

November 22, 2005 · 7:52 AM EST

The new November 21, 2005 print edition of the Rothenberg Political Report is on its way to subscribers. (Click here for subscription information.) Here is a sample from the current issue.

Arizona 1: Making Up Ground
By Nathan L. Gonzales

After a surprising primary and general election loss three years ago in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District, Democrats have never been able to recover. Cong. Rick Renzi (R) is once again a target, with national Democrats excited about their likely nominee, former state Rep. Jack Jackson, Jr. (D).

Back in 2002, after redistricting created a new, open seat, Democrats were optimistic about their chances of winning the district. But businessman George Cordova won the crowded primary in an upset, and Democrats were left reeling.

Renzi won the close initial general election and coasted to reelection last year. But in their race to 218 seats and a House majority, Arizona 1 is back on the target list with Democratic hopes riding on DCCC recruit Jackson.

The GOP congressman is not safe by any means, but Jackson has some significant hurdles to overcome in order to defeat the incumbent. Click here for the rest of the story..

Georgia 8 & 12: Looking for a Silver Lining

Democrats are on the prowl nationwide, searching for congressional districts to put in play in their effort to win the majority in the House. But while Republicans will be on the defensive in most of the serious races next year, the GOP is pulling out all the stops against two Democratic congressmen in Georgia.

Freshman Cong. John Barrow (D) and two-term Cong. Jim Marshall (D) face parallel challenges. Each is running for reelection in a redrawn district against a former Republican congressman. Former members Max Burns (R) and Mac Collins (R) are hoping to be the silver lining in what could be an otherwise long election night for Republicans in 2006. But they each have a tough road ahead.

If the national environment continues to deteriorate, Republicans may need every extra seat they can get, and could look to Collins and Burns to plug the final holes in the dam. The rest of the story…

2005 Statewide Ballot Initiatives: A Review

By Louis Jacobson

Most of the attention given to ballot initiatives in the 2005 election had to do with the failure of the four-part reform package proposed by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R). That’s understandable, but it’s also the tip of the iceberg.

Nationally, there were more ballot measures for voters to consider this year than in any recent off-off-year election. Yet according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, only two of the 18 citizen-initiated ballot measures passed on Nov. 8 – a dramatically lower approval rate than normal. (Other measures were placed on the ballot by legislators.) Read more…

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