Louisiana Governor: Jindal Looking Like Money in the Bank

April 13, 2007 · 12:05 AM EDT

Throwing another wrinkle into the ever-evolving Louisiana landscape, Rep. Bobby Jindal (R) announced that he has raised $5 million for his 2007 race for governor.

Jindal’s strong early fundraising, combined with what appears to be a growing doubt among insiders that former Senator John Breaux (D-La.) will enter the contest for governor, suggests that Democrats won’t have an easy time holding the state’s top office in November. Governor Kathleen Blanco (D) has announced that she will not seek reelection.

Breaux has clearly been toying with a bid, but Republican efforts to raise questions about his eligibility to run may have added to some of his concerns.

If Breaux takes a pass, Democratic strategists will have to turn to “Plan B,” which probably means Lt. Gov Mitch Landrieu, who most recently lost a bid for mayor of New Orleans. But while Landrieu has a good political name and could well be a formidable candidate, timing may not be ideal for his candidacy.

His sister, Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA), is up for reelection next year, and running two Landrieus in a row might not appeal to some party insiders, or, for that matter, to the senator. Mary Landrieu probably will be the GOP’s top Senate target next year.

Jindal came close to winning the governor’s office four years ago. His bankroll is certain to get plenty of attention, and supporters are euphoric about developments in the race over the past few months. Still, this is a race to watch.

This item first appeared on Political Wire on April 12, 2007.