´╗┐2024 House Overview: Out of the Shadows

September 15, 2023 · 2:30 PM EDT

By Nathan L. Gonzales, Jacob Rubashkin & Erin Covey

At risk of being overshadowed by the presidential race and a tight fight for the Senate majority, the House will not be denied a part of the 2024 spotlight. 

Democrats need a net gain of just five seats out of 435 to retake the House, so the…

2024 House Overview (Sept. 15, 2023): Alabama - Iowa

September 15, 2023 · 2:29 PM EDT

Democrats are on track to gain a seat in the Yellowhammer State, after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the state’s congressional map likely violated the Voting Rights Act. The state was ordered by federal judges to enact a new map that included two majority Black (or close to majority…

2024 House Overview (Sept. 15, 2023): Kansas - New York

September 15, 2023 · 2:28 PM EDT

Kansas. Filing deadline June 3. Primary Aug. 6.
3rd District (Kansas City suburbs) Sharice Davids, D, re-elected 55%. Biden 51%. Prasanth Reddy, an oncologist and former LabCorp executive, has national GOP strategists optimistic about putting this race on the map. He’s also a lieutenant colonel in…

2024 House Overview (Sept. 15, 2023): North Carolina - Wyoming

September 15, 2023 · 2:27 PM EDT

North Carolina.
North Carolina’s House races remain in limbo as candidates wait for the GOP-controlled state Legislature to finalize a new congressional map this fall. Democratic Reps. Jeff Jackson, Wiley Nickel, and Kathy Manning are all at risk of losing their seats since Republicans are expected…

Report Shorts (Sept. 15, 2023)

September 15, 2023 · 2:26 PM EDT

Montana Senate. A new group calling itself Last Best Place PAC has begun a six-figure ad campaign against GOP Senate candidate Tim Sheehy, the former Navy SEAL and aerial firefighting CEO who is currently the only Republican in the race. Politico points out that, while the PAC’s donors won’t be…

2024 House Ratings (September 15, 2023)

September 15, 2023 · 2:24 PM EDT

Ohio House: Democrats Defend Three Battleground Seats

by Erin Covey September 12, 2023 · 11:45 AM EDT

Three Ohio Democrats who won battleground races in 2022 can breathe a sigh of relief, now that their districts won’t be redrawn ahead of the 2024 election after all.

The state Supreme Court dismissed legal challenges to the current congressional map last Thursday, allowing the lines to stay in…

2024 House Ratings (September 12, 2023)

September 12, 2023 · 11:44 AM EDT

Podcast Episode 5: Rhode Island & Utah Special Elections, Governor Ratings, Space Candidate

September 7, 2023 · 10:17 AM EDT

Nathan Gonzales, Erin Covey and Jacob Rubashkin discuss the results of House special elections in Rhode Island and Utah, top races for governor in 2023 and 2024, and the congressional candidates with tickets to space.

The Inside Elections podcast analyzes congressional, presidential and…