Republicans currently control 33 governorships to Democrats’ 16, with one Independent in Alaska.Democrats most likely to gain 6-8 governorships, but greater gains are possible.

  • Shift Republican
  • Shift Democratic

Total Seats in Play

Democrat: 9 Republican: 26


Democrat: 0 Republican: 2
IA R Reynolds
WI R Walker

Tilt Democratic

Democrat: 0 Republican: 3
FL R Open Scott
ME R Open LePage
NV R Open Sandoval

Lean Democratic

Democrat: 4 Republican: 2
CO D Open Hickenlooper
CT D Open Malloy
MI R Open Snyder
NM R Open Martinez
OR D Brown
RI D Raimondo

Likely Democratic

Democrat: 2 Republican: 1
IL R Rauner
MN D Open Dayton
PA D Wolf

Solid Democratic

Democrat: 3 Republican: 0
CA D Open Brown
HI D Ige
NY D Cuomo

Tilt Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 3
AK I Walker
GA R Open Deal
KS R Open Colyer
OH R Open Kasich

Lean Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 3
NH R Sununu
OK R Open Fallin
SD R Open Daugaard

Likely Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 3
AZ R Ducey
MD R Hogan
TN R Open Haslam

Solid Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 9
AL R Ivey
AR R Hutchinson
ID R Open Otter
MA R Baker
NE R Ricketts
SC R McMaster
TX R Abbott
VT R Scott
WY R Open Mead

Lean Independent

Democrat: 0 Republican: 0