The most likely outcome for 2011 is no net change. Republicans currently control 29 governorships to Democrats’ 22 and 1 Independent (Chafee).

  • Shift Republican
  • Shift Democratic

Total Seats in Play

Democrat: 9 Republican: 5

Pure Toss-up

Democrat: 1 Republican: 0
MT D Open Schweitzer

Toss-up/Tilt Democrat

Democrat: 1 Republican: 0
KY D Beshear

Lean Democrat

Democrat: 2 Republican: 0
MO D Nixon
WV D Tomblin Special

Democrat Favored

Democrat: 1 Republican: 0
WA D Gregoire

Currently Safe Democrat

Democrat: 3 Republican: 0
DE D Markell
NH D Lynch
VT D Shumlin

Toss-up/Tilt Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 0

Lean Republican

Democrat: 1 Republican: 1
IN R Open Daniels
NC D Perdue

Republican Favored

Democrat: 0 Republican: 2
MS R Open Barbour
ND R Dalrymple

Currently Safe Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 2
LA R Jindal
UT R Herbert