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2022 House Overview: State-by-State Redistricting (Alabama - Iowa)

May 7, 2021 · 2:29 PM EDT

Alabama. Current breakdown: 6R, 1D. According to pre-apportionment announcement estimates, the Yellowhammer State was at significant risk of losing a congressional seat, but Alabama will retain its 7-member delegation. No partisan changes are expected, just a competitive Republican primary to replace 5th District Rep. Mo Brooks, who is running for…

2022 House Overview: State-by-State Redistricting (Kansas - New York)

May 7, 2021 · 2:28 PM EDT

Kansas. Current breakdown: 3R, 1D. The state legislature draws Kansas’ congressional map, which is subject to gubernatorial veto. Republicans hold veto-proof majorities in both chambers, though in the state Senate the party can only afford two defections and is not always able to override Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s vetoes on…

2022 House Overview: State-by-State Redistricting (North Carolina - Wyoming)

May 7, 2021 · 2:27 PM EDT

North Carolina. Current breakdown: 8R, 5D (Apportionment: +1 seat). The Tar Heel State gained a seat and Republicans control the process in one of the four most important states for redistricting. Democrats believe the new seat should include the Research Triangle- at the nexus of North Carolina State Univ., Duke…

Report Shorts (May 7, 2021)

May 7, 2021 · 2:26 PM EDT

California Governor Recall
The race to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom is (nearly) official, after organizers turned in significantly more validated signatures than necessary to put the Democrat on the ballot this fall. While there are still some procedural hoops left to jump through, the recall — just the second…

The Case to Keep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Cash

by Nathan L. Gonzales May 6, 2021 · 1:01 PM EDT

Staring in the face of competitive reelection races, more than two dozen vulnerable House Democrats are wrestling with whether to keep campaign contributions sent to them by their colleague, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. 

Considering Ocasio-Cortez has become a poster child for the most progressive elements of the Democratic…

6 Things I Think After the Texas 6 Special Primary

by Jacob Rubashkin May 3, 2021 · 11:05 AM EDT

The special election to replace Rep. Ron Wright, the Texas Republican who died in February after being hospitalized with Covid-19, had the potential to be the first competitive special election of the Biden era. Wright represented a suburban Fort Worth seat that President Donald Trump carried by just 3 points…

10 Takeaways from the Reapportionment Announcement

April 26, 2021 · 4:38 PM EDT

By Nathan L. Gonzales & Jacob Rubashkin

Nearly four full months late, the U.S. Census Bureau announced apportionment totals for the next round of redistricting. Here are some initial thoughts on the process and the fight for the House: 

•The House majority was in play before the reapportionment announcement and…

West Virginia House: Musical Chairs

by Jacob Rubashkin April 23, 2021 · 2:30 PM EDT

After outperforming expectations in 2020, Republicans can taste the House majority. But they’re guaranteed to lose a seat in West Virginia and will have to gain a district elsewhere on their way to 218 seats. 

In the Senate, West Virginia is as powerful as it has been since the death…

Taking Stock of Initial NRCC and DCCC Targets

by Jacob Rubashkin April 23, 2021 · 2:29 PM EDT

The 117th Congress has only been in session for a few months, but that has not stopped the parties from laying the groundwork for the 2022 midterm elections.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently released a list of 22 GOP-held or open seats Democrats plan to target in 2022. The…

Report Shorts (April 23, 2021)

by Jacob Rubashkin April 23, 2021 · 2:28 PM EDT

Florida’s 20th District
The death of Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings, who represented parts of Broward and Palm Beach Counties for more than 28 years, has set off a large scrum for this solidly Democratic seat that Joe Biden carried by 55 points. The declared candidates already include state Sen.…