Republicans have a 53-47 majority. Democrats need +4 for a majority, +3 to control with White House. Most likely outcome: Democratic net gain of +4-6 seats, but greater Democratic gains are possible.

  • Shift Republican
  • Shift Democratic

Total Seats in Play

Democrat: 12 Republican: 23


Democrat: 0 Republican: 2
IA II R Ernst
MT II R Daines

Tilt Democratic

Democrat: 0 Republican: 3
AZ III R McSally Special
ME II R Collins
NC II R Tillis

Lean Democratic

Democrat: 1 Republican: 1
CO II R Gardner
MI II D Peters

Likely Democratic

Democrat: 0 Republican: 0

Solid Democratic

Democrat: 10 Republican: 0
DE II D Coons
IL II D Durbin
MA II D Markey
MN II D Smith
NH II D Shaheen
NJ II D Booker
NM II D Open T. Udall
OR II D Merkley
RI II D Reed
VA II D Warner

Tilt Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 3
GA II R Perdue
KS II R Open Roberts
SC II R Graham

Lean Republican

Democrat: 1 Republican: 2
AL II D Jones
GA III R Loeffler Special
TX II R Cornyn

Likely Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 1
AK II R Sullivan

Solid Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 11
AR II R Cotton
ID II R Risch
KY II R McConnell
LA II R Cassidy
MS II R Hyde-Smith
NE II R Sasse
OK II R Inhofe
SD II R Rounds
TN II R Open Alexander
WV II R Capito
WY II R Open Enzi