Democrats have a 53-47 majority. Most likely range is no net change to a Republican gain of 3 seats likely at this point. Republicans need 4 seats for a majority if President Obama wins re-election.

  • Shift Republican
  • Shift Democratic

Total Seats in Play

Democrat: 23 Republican: 10

Pure Toss-up

Democrat: 4 Republican: 1
IN I R Open Lugar
MT I D Tester
ND I D Open Conrad
VA I D Open Webb
WI I D Open Kohl

Toss-up/Tilt Democrat

Democrat: 1 Republican: 1
CT I D Open Lieberman
MA I R Brown

Lean Democrat

Democrat: 2 Republican: 1
FL I D Nelson
ME I R Open Snowe
OH I D Brown

Democrat Favored

Democrat: 4 Republican: 0
HI I D Open Akaka
MO I D McCaskill
NM I D Open Bingaman
PA I D Casey

Currently Safe Democrat

Democrat: 11 Republican: 0
CA I D Feinstein
DE I D Carper
MD I D Cardin
MI I D Stabenow
MN I D Klobuchar
NJ I D Menendez
NY I D Gillibrand
RI I D Whitehouse
VT I D Sanders
WA I D Cantwell
WV I D Manchin

Toss-up/Tilt Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 2
AZ I R Open Kyl
NV I R Heller

Lean Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 0

Republican Favored

Democrat: 1 Republican: 0
NE I D Open Nelson

Currently Safe Republican

Democrat: 0 Republican: 5
MS I R Wicker
TN I R Corker
TX I R Open Hutchison
UT I R Hatch
WY I R Barrasso